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Tilarán Commercial/Mountain Forest Property :: 4.44 Hectares :: $2,700,000


This hotel, restaurant and brewery overlooking Lake Arenal is a stunning property and a profitable business with spectacular lake and mountain views, located on the main highway between Tilarán and Nuevo Arenal. The 21-room hotel, restaurant and brewery are the centerpiece of a 15-acre organic dairy and pig farm. The excellent restaurant is a popular local eatery, and the eight craft beers made here have been called the best in Costa Rica. The airy, elevated restaurant space has a pool table and lounging area and is a favorite spot among locals to enjoy live entertainment. The hotel, featuring rooms adorned with hand-painted art, overlooks the sparkling Lake Arenal and hundreds of acres of jungle teeming with wildlife. Howler monkeys like to hang out in the trees above the parking lot, and other frequent visitors include sloths, armadillos, toucans, parrots and even an occasional wildcat. The hotel features a swimming pool, hot tub, tennis court and a fully equipped classroom supporting a green-energy education center. Large, elegantly appointed private rooms range in price from $55 in the low season to $118 in the peak season, double occupancy, and there’s a shared dorm for $20 per person. All rooms have private baths, free WiFi, continental breakfast and on-site laundry services. The hotel is a profitable business that has been in operation since 1992. The restaurant and bar are leased to an independent operator who pays 25% of total income and 15% of plate sales. This tenant pays all expenses for the restaurant, including electricity and payroll. The on-site 3.5-barrel brewery pays $2,000 a month to rent 100 square meters of space. The beer is one of the hotel’s greatest attractions and a primary focus of its road signs. The beer is sold at select locations throughout the country and helps to generate remote traffic to the hotel. The property is divided into two lots — the main area is 40,252 m2, and there’s a 4,183 m2 lot right on the highway with a large sign advertising the hotel, restaurant and beer. Water is supplied by AyA, and reliable ICE electrical service is supplemented by solar power. A biodigester connected to the pig and dairy farm produces methane gas used for cooking. The highway in front of the hotel is newly paved, and there are concrete tracks leading to the hotel, about 200 m off the highway, for year-round 2WD access. The entire property is offered for $2.7 million, fully titled and fully operational. Call or write for more information or to schedule a showing.

Property Features:
  • Mountains  
  • Mountain View
  • Farmland   
  • Secondary Forest  
  • Grid Power 
  • Municipal Water   
  • Structure description:21-room hotel, restaurant, bar and brewery
  • Access: Year-round 2WD access
Property ID
  Costa Rica
Land Type
  Mountain Forest
Land Use
Area (hectares)
Area (acres)
Price/Sq. Meter

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