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Buying and Selling Property in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not for everybody and expat buyers should be the veterans of many trips to the nation before settling on a property.  Every region and community has its own dynamic and this nation is a powerhouse of niche destinations, nearly all of them with real estate opportunities available at all budget ranges.  But every property is ultimately a very specific spot nestled into a local community and a regional governance structure within a nation that rightfully prides itself on a wide host of social and geopolitical firsts.  For first-time Costa Rican buyers, my advice is to find the region that best suits you, socially, climactically, and practically, and donít settle.


On a practical manner, when buying land in Costa Rica, keep in mind the following:


1.     The real estate industry is unregulated and there is no certification to represent real estate.  Anybody can be an agent. 

2.     There are titled properties, untitled properties, and beach front concession properties.  If a property is titled, you can be confident that it will not be complicated.  For untitled and maritime properties, you should educate yourselves very well.

3.     There are development limitations for Maritime and Forestry Reserve properties, and you should educate yourselves fully in advance to committing to either.

4.     Development requires a considerable amount of permitting, and you should educate yourself in advance before committing to a development property.

5.     Legal counsel should always precede any negotiation or purchase.


Osa Pen Realty seeks to put buyers and sellers together and to ensure the diligence and disclosure needed for both sides to reach negotiated settlements.  We offer property management and development services and suggestions for legal, accounting, architectural, permitting, and other consulting services as needed. 


We welcome the opportunity to help buyers find options that are right for your purposes, and for sellers we aspire to put your real estate in front of eyeballs for the most possible exposure to find the buyer that is right for your land.  Let us know if and how we can help.

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